I grew up in a small but lovely ski resort in the french speaking part of Switzerland - Anzère. My friends and I used to spend every week-end on (or off) the slopes. When I wasn't skiing, I would be in my room, reading "Skieur Magazine", being mesmerized by each picture. I knew, I would never be the guy on the picture but always dreamt of being the one behind the lens. This is where I developed an interest for photography. After saving for some time, I purchased my first camera and became the one taking the pictures instead of the kickers. Until my entire gear got stolen... I was frustrated and let photography aside for a while.

Later on, I moved to Vienna to complete an internship. It was the first time I would live in a city for a longer period of time. I immediately adore the city, its people, the atmosphere. One day, I decided to have a look at the Kunst Haus museum. Lucky me, they had an exhibition of Saul Leiter. I got so captivated at the pictures, went back home, started my research on the subject and purchased my X100s the next week. This was the beginning of my love/hate relationship with street photography.