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30. April 2020 at the Schranne, Salzburg

The Schranne, a weekly market on the forecourt of the St. Andrew's Church, is a real institution in Salzburg. Every Thursday, traders from the city and the surrounding area offer regional delicacies, flowers and handicrafts for sale.

When I moved to the city of Mozart, about one and a half years ago, the authenticity of the market really caught my heart. The so-called Standlers (traders) speaking up loud with their strong accent, the faithful Opa's and Oma's who never miss it, whatever the weather, carrying their jute baskets full of squeaky green vegetables, the quadragenarians locals who suit up their best Salzburger Tracht and meet up about 12.00 for a spritzer and a sausage. And since I live right in the heart of the market, it is impossible to imagine the weekly routine in Salzburg without it. Until, well you know what...

On Thursday, the Schranne opened after 7 long weeks and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. For the sake of supporting the local producers but also to immortalize this historical reopening in my own way. Indeed, the market is a living tradition since 1906 and such a long break never happened in the past.

On this Thursday morning, the sun was shining. The perfect weather to walk through the market. My wife and I intended to take our 3 months old baby while doing our groceries. However, when we stepped out of the building, we quickly realised that this would not work at all. It was packed, really packed. Instead, my wife gave me the shopping list and went for a walk along the Salzach. So, camera hanging on the left shoulder and shopping bag on the right, I slowly walked in the crowd, mask on. To be honest, it felt strange, from one day to another, after about two months of quarantine, to find yourself being at the centre of a group of people. Everywhere, signs were visible reminding the public about the "one-meter distance" policy. But given the narrow aisles that constitute the market, it was illusory.

Almost everyone would wear protections over their faces - whether proper masks, self-made ones or a scarf. A certain level of tension among the visitors was palpable, mixed with a feeling of relieve and joy. People greeting each other with a "smile" while avoiding each other at the same time.

Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't have retained my attention but given the current situation, I must say that it somehow surprised me to see that a considerable part of the visitors where elderly people.

Completing the shopping list took longer than usual, not because of the queues but mainly because I was more preoccupied with my camera than purchasing what we thoroughly wrote on the list. After spending a few hours walking back and forth through the market, I thought it was time to go home and prepare lunch. My wife was waiting for me, wondering why it took me so long. I stepped behind the stoves and concocted a wonderful lunch to apologise for the delay - tagliatelle con grilled asparagus and chicken, all from the Schranne. :)

Here a few more pictures from my shopping walk.



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